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R.Flikkema born on 25-01-1975, Delfzijl. On yonger age he already had something with housemusic. From his bedroom in the 90's came loud beats at radiostation Radio Viking.
The mixing was done with a selfmade mixer with potmeters and a casettedeck with adjustable motors wich could be adjusted to get the beats together.
Because he had a radiostation some guys were interested in how things went and we set up a group with amiga's and made some good hardcore. We performed under the name The Northern Territory. The group was doing well with a few amigas and protracker they assembled some performances. A rolemodel in that time were Neophyte, Rotterdam Terror Corps and Dj’s as The Prophet, Dj Dano, Gizmo and Buzz Fuzz. Later on the dreamteam of ID&T

In the end of the 90's we quit doing things as the Northern Territory and Robert (Dj Rob-E) performed as an one man performer. He did a performance at the Martinihal in Groningen on Megadance as Dj Rob-E spinning the tables and The Northern Territory as a live act. In a few short years a lot happened to the scene. Gabber was getting pulled apart because of the commercial tv and the party's got less. ID&T made a good choice and came with a new style called hardstyle. It was a booming bussiness  and Dj Rob-E pointed his mind on that. Rob-E has already spinned the tables on many party's and is still trying to get his breaktru. The latest event was The Harder Styles en Trance Tunes Open Air. 

The style's wich Rob-E uses to get the crowed crazy are: Hardstyle, Oldscool, Trance, Clubtrance..

I enjoy every day. Every day can be your last one so enjoy!

Performances and live acts:

Since 2005:

24 juni 2005 Trance Tunes Open Air 2005
28 oktober 2005 Dominating
16 september 2005 Trapped
27 januari 2006 Trapped
23 juni 2006 Trance tunes open air 2006 (The harder edition)
29 juni 2007 The Harder Styles (open air event)

From the past:

Discotheek 2night Delfzijl:
Meerdere scholenfestivals
Trip 2 Heavensday
Dj Paul elstak & MC Force + The Norther Territory
Queens Birthday party
Holliday Summerdance

Bacarole Veendam:
Shadow of darkness
Hardcore Zone

Martinihal Groningen:
Megadance into 1998